how people use the app

As Greater Than becomes a powerhouse of influence and a catalyst in shaping the discovery and careers of the creative doers:

  • Members will covet being selected to be featured on the app for a day (like product hunt)

  • Greater Than Genius Lists will be an annual accolades that equate to expert work/skills/services generating new business and exposure not available elsewhere to every day creatives

  • GT Discovery Team positions will be revered as an elite role that will launch careers (work one year on the discovery team and you can get a job anywhere)

  • GT will be known as the platform that is the launch pad for the next big companies, creators, makers and creative careers

    • The most trusted platform where serious creative pros go to find what they need faster, smarter and expertly curated

  • We become our users own personal researchers and reliable source


Every day creatives will use the app for

  • Discovering and making new connections they need for business interests

  • Finding opportunities within creative companies

  • Showcasing their work – amplifying their personal brand (exposure)

  • Finding the right events to attend curated by a trusted source

  • Being in the know on what others in the creative class are interested in, attending and discovering

  • Discovering new music, products, services and companies they didn’t know about before

  • Using our creative smARtLink as their shareable profile instead of a resume/ CV

Companies, Investors, Startups, Brands will use the app for:

  • Talent acquisition resource

  • Access our research and discovery reports

  • Discovering new connections they need for business interests

  • Finding opportunities to market or promote their products or services

  • Marketing new releases or Amplifying their product/ brand awareness (exposure/engagement directly to the most valuable professional class who are influencers and early adopters)

  • Finding the right events to attend or activate with curated by a trusted source

  • Being in the know on what others in the creative class are interested in, attending and discovering

  • Discovering new music, products, services and companies they didn’t know about before

  • Startups will also use the app for marketing, talent acquisition, and building investor interest

  • Brands will also use the app for experiential marketing profiles to connect with new events that match their marketing needs


Events will use the app for all of the above plus:

  • GT Micro app instead of or in addition to their own event app for year round content, marketing and connection to their target attendee audience and to enhance attendee networking experience

  • Source speakers, sponsors, artists, startups and more to include in their events

  • Promote event, special deals and services direct to our influential community



Analytics / Machine Learning


Using deep learning, predictive modeling, and our ever-growing data points, we will develop algorithms that use graph matching, bipartite matching, data mining and member data for discovery and matching.


Each curated section of the app serves the top business interests of creative professionals and we determine our areas of growth using data – allowing us to continue to captivate our members with valuable content that matches their interests and keeps our platform not only relevant but always ahead of competition. By having multiple overlapping interest entry points, we incorporate emotional and relational intelligence practices so our users can find the information they need presented to them in the way they think of it.



Details on our IP 


smARt discovery      

Technique combines the best modern data-mining methods with nuanced human scouting developed over decades of experience in the music industry and creative professions

smARt match       

Connects Greater Than members to the best connections for them and interest driven content you won't find anywhere else:

  • When users are viewing featured content, they will see a display of how many matching interests that discovery meets for them and can expand to see exact matches

  • Users can search for matches in every category

  • Users can scroll through the community and see matching level with other users

  • Imagine being at a bar or a conference and connecting with someone on Greater Than and then getting a message that provides

    •  how many and what interests, skills, business needs you have in common

    • recognizes that you connected on that date and location and inserts it into the connection preview – then asks if you want to type or attach an audio note to remind you of the details on meeting

    • Then asks if you want to set a mutual follow up reminder too

    • And allows you to connect on all other platforms you have profiles on without leaving the app

smARt link

The only multimedia shareable profile that can replace the CV/ Resume for creative professionals 

  • Taking discovery a step further, our shareable resume smart links will be a game changer for creatives applying for work, submitting for speaking engagements, making introductions, submitting for any opportunity really.  Helping people discover all of your recent content -  include video summary, articles, store, links to work, events, socials, paste in new URLs then drag and drop the links to reorder and more all in a beautiful layout.


smARt market

Hybrid marketplace and marketing launchpad for creatives

  • We want to participate in the launch of our discoveries and the first place where they can see real connections become real revenue. If they are selected to be featured in the marketplace, we will take a service fee or percentage of revenue during their Launchpad feature

  • We will launch our collections and collaborations only on our market

  • You can hire freelancers/consultants, book mentors, buy products, fund projects, download new music, etc in the smart market

REAL Discovery Tour

Traveling A&R office combined with pop-up activation experience designed to engage creative communities in the top 30 creative cities in the world

  • The discovery tour with become our IRL signature events that bring us closer to the community and discovery – building a trust and loyalty above all of our competitors

  • A revenue driver with experiences, speakers, creators and discovery unmatched by any other event

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