We Discover The Doers 

Greater Than is a creative talent discovery accelerator. To find the next big thing, Greater Than's smARt discovery    technique combines the best modern data-mining methods with nuanced human scouting developed over decades of experience in the music industry and creative professions. But we don't stop there.


At Greater Than, we know the greatest challenge for successful talent discovery is timing; identifying and signing the right talent in that small window between artistic readiness and being a highly coveted rising star. Greater Than solves that problem by creating a bigger window. By identifying talent earlier in their development, we surround them with the creative expertise of the fast growing Greater Than Community of 100k+ members, empowering them with the resources and network of a more established artist.


Through Greater Than, you not only discover the right creative talent, with the right groundswell of interest, at the right time, but do so with validated data and proven A&R perspective/track-record/experience for major label signing consideration.  

We Discover The Doers 

then  we connect • invest • incubate • accelerate • advise • promote and support them


Paula Moore is a pioneer, known in the music industry for her proprietary talent discovery system. Over Paula's 20+ years working as a Senior A&R Executive at major labels including Warner and Universal along with other media and entertainment companies, she developed her talent discovery system that uniquely combines left brain and right brain methodology. Paula developed the first emerging discovery platforms that incorporated custom data mining with an expansive network of Emotional Intelligence (EI) trained talent scouts. Over the years, Paula has continually fine-tuned her methods and grown her network to evolve with the machine learning capabilities available to us today. Paula has been working to develop an algorithm that uses both data and personal connections to identify emerging talent at the right time––before the tipping point. Greater Than will bring the algorithm to market once the right partners are in place.

smARt discovery



At Greater Than, we mine data and monitor buzz across more platforms than anyone, giving us measurable input at scale. This huge data gathering effort is the foundation on which we identify early indicators of emerging artists.

global scout team

We find and train real people with the skill sets and interests we need to be experts in discovery research. We help them develop their careers while helping you discover what’s next.


Using our proprietary research and discovery techniques to find the best in

Emerging Artists/Creators






and put it all at your fingertips 24/7 in one powerful app


Greater Than's community is a diverse collection of creators. Our team and scouted artists have access to this vast resource of experience, skills and talents like no other community in the creative space.


Because Greater Than covers all creative pursuits, our community provides an opportunity for collaborations that raise profiles, grow audiences and diversify resumes/portfolios/bodies of work.


Instagram • IGTV • Twitter/search.twitter • Facebook • Telegram • TikTok

02 streaming mEDIA

Spotify • Soundcloud • Youtube • Shazam • Twitch • Podcasts •

03 community platforms

Medium • Reddit • Pinterest • Angel List • Built In • Crunchbase • Relevant creative communities 

04 marketplaces 

 | Distributors | Indies | Content Platforms

Amazon Influencers • Etsy • Kickstarter • Cre8tor • Indiegogo• Reverbnation • Amuse •

Distrokid • More

05 trend + media reports

Trendhunter • Trendera • Cassandra • Blogs/Journo/Trade pubs 

06 reliable sources

Publicists • Freelance creatives • Attorneys • Promoters • Investors • Managers • Advisors & Consultants • Coworking/ Creative Space Communities

07 IRl discovery | events

We cover 200+ Events

Pre-event research & tracking • Insider event connections

Insider side/party event connections • Real time event reporting 

Timely post-event recaps

08 IRL Discovery| community

We build direct relationships and local connections imbedded in the right circles 

for real reporting and tracking on wom/buzz build

09 irl discovery | tour

30 City Discovery Tour

We engage creators through access, opportunity and experiences to find the best in each city

10 irl discovery | platform

We engage creators through our members only platform - harnessing discovery  power and insights from the most influential professional class

RESEARCH + analytics

Data + intelligence

We've combined A&R, Research, Marketing Strategies And The Most Influential Professional Class To Give You Unmatched Access 

Research Tracking and Culture Engaged Specialists

Our one of a kind Discovery Team are subject matter experts -- Real people use our research and discovery techniques to identify Emerging Artists, Startups, People, Products/Services, Trends.

They are cross trained in data mining, investigative research, relationship intelligence and emotional intelligence tactics. Here is a partial list of our research coverage:

300expertscoutsin 50





Greater Than's Discovery Team was built to serve our function of creating a bigger window of time to identify and sign the right talent. We built a global team of over 300 vetted & qualified scouts and developed our proprietary, 12 week intensive training program to teach discovery research methodologies, strategies and field operations that are exclusive to Greater Than.


This approach empowers passionate and engaged local mavens with the eye-for-talent, tools and confidence of the seasoned A&R Executive who founded our company. With the reach of our discovery team, we witness, assess and begin engaging the artists of tomorrow before the competition.




We deep dive 

We go deeper than just data scraping other platforms to deliver analytics–– our exclusive reporting incorporates our proven A&R scouting techniques identifying relevant information we find through relationship and emotional intelligence tracking connected to: 

  • Artists

  • Labels

  • Producers

  • Events, brands, startups 

  • Our community of influential creatives on Greater Than

  • The Greater Than Discovery Field team

  • GT Discovery Tour events

  • Our developing algorithm to discover what’s next before there is data

Video Scout Reports

Our scouts report in video format so that you can really connect with their research results and their passion surrounding the artists. We deliver all the most relevant research tracking, analytics/ metrics, early indicators, insider & contact information in the Greater Than app.


See an example scout report video below:


creative partnerships + impactful experiences

drive discovery engagement

Collaborations and Experiences drive interest, engagement and creative authority to our brand and yours. At Greater Than, we partner with innovative creatives and brands to deliver memorable experiences that cut through the noise.


These collaborative experiences serve many roles; they attract and connect us with target talent, they forge valued bonds with our collaborators, they raise our brands in key markets by serving the creative community and they extend our reach through surrounding press coverage.




Greater Than is partnering with Trevor Andrew to launch our REAL Discovery Pop up Experience  at SXSW 2020 with a Fashion/Art/Music /Tech/Startup Discovery House designed by celebrity designer Trevor Andrew and will debut his new fashion line.

Greater Than's REAL Discovery Tour will kick off following SXSW, where we will create a pop-up A&R office for a week in each city. Designed by Trevor, the space will be a cool backdrop for The REAL A&R DISCOVERY TOUR while we host office hours, branded experiences, live performance & talks and networking events to connect with the creative community throughout the week.





Community Platform

the only members only community you'll ever need.

At Greater Than, we have built a qualified community of the most diverse creative talent. This community lives on the Greater Than app where they discover, connect, network, share services, collaborate and exchange ideas. It is through this community of the creative class that Greater Than is able to amplify its value to its partners. 

Discovery Community 

Our Discovery Community is by invitation only and is comprised of micro- influencers and creative professionals on the rise in the top 50 creative cities globally, emerging artists and creators, and professors, students, and alumni of select undergraduate or certificate programs in music, music business, music technology, marketing + media, journalism and other programs fostering the next generation of creative professionals.


Members of the Discovery Community have full member access to the Greater Than App plus additional benefits and opportunities including:


  • First and free access to our exclusive A&R / Discovery Specialists Training Program, launching in Q1 of 2020. Our program is the only professional talent discovery training program and consists of a unique video lecture series, real world assignments, and a final audition exam that is required to be eligible to apply for a spot on the elite Global Greater Than Discovery Team.

  • Eligible Discovery Community members will be given first opportunity to apply to be selected for our Discovery Team. This global elite team, the only one of its kind in the world, is 300 of the most promising discovery specialists who discover and report on emerging talent and will have the attention of some of the foremost decision makers and creative professionals across all creative industries including exclusive access to one of the world’s leading music label groups.

  • Open participation in discovery reporting as requested by HQ or Discovery Team Specialists will help members gain more experience/exposure and be a part of finding the next big thing.

  • Access to the most influential professional community plus a variety of opportunities and perks introduced throughout the year, some exclusively for the Discovery Community.  

Intellectual Property

Our platform has a collection of unique offerings.

smARt discovery      

Technique combines the best modern data-mining methods with nuanced human scouting developed over decades of experience in the music industry and creative professions

smARt match       

Connects Greater Than members to the best connections for them and interest driven content you won't find anywhere else

smARt link

The only multimedia shareable profile that can replace the CV/ Resume for creative professionals 

smARt market

Hybrid marketplace and marketing launchpad for creatives

REAL Discovery Tour

Traveling A&R office combined with pop-up  activation experience designed to engage creative communities in the top 30 creative cities in the world


Paula Moore

I'm the most passionate research + discovery expert you'll meet.

I am the inventor of 7 successful private discovery and connection web based platforms, three of which I  developed while a senior A&R executive at  Universal then Warner Music Group, and the rest while collaborating with other companies in events, music and media and Universities with music business undergraduate programs. Resulting in hundreds of signings, startup investments, marketing opportunities and launching the careers of developing young creative executives.


I also created a few other firsts that have had  lasting industry impact: 

  • the first + largest successful talent scouting network + digital analytics platform in the music industry 

  • the first online artist channels with original content for SXSW and Lollapalooza 

  • and programmed  the first multi-brand startup activations at SXSW and other major events

My work has generated hundreds of millions in  revenue for my artists, clients and employers –– today, just a small sampling of the artists, companies, events, creative professionals and brands that I discovered and developed have a combined value of over $300 million.


Now, I've expanded my research process and  built my first consumer facing , mobile- first platform. Greater Than is the most comprehensive platform that  I have ever built — it is the best in class  discovery and research system in one powerful app.



“This is dope. It's so needed.” 


—  Trevor Andrew, Artist

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